“Stone feet shuffle along to the old beat/ shuffle along ’til I repeat everything I’ve done,” Dan Durley sings on his debut solo album, Stone Feet, an album full of heartbreak, loss, new love and efforts to break through the complacency many feel during emerging adulthood.

Although Stone Feet was recorded in L.A. with producer Scot Stewart (Mike Golden, Good Old War, Marc Walloch/Spill), the record still retains a midwestern charm. Nylon string guitar, upright piano, warbled flute and big harmonies fill out a record that ebbs and flows from start to finish with warmth and nervous energy. Chicago singer/songwriter Emily Blue also lent her vocals to 6 of the album’s 8 tracks.

Dan is no stranger to the music scene of the Midwest, having played in 3 different regional touring acts over the past 10 years, with 6 official releases under his belt, including the critically acclaimed full-length album Television Fuzz released with his noisy pop-rock band The 92s.  Stone Feet is his first release under his own name after years of songwriting and touring basements and bars across the Midwest and East Coast.

Dan currently resides in Chicago and is full of existential dread and beer.